Our Worship Service


In December 2019, we will meet Sundays at 3pm at Family Harvest Church (220 S 7th St, Williams, AZ 86046, directly south of Safeway).

Otherwise (other than this December), we rent space from St. John’s Lutheran-Episcopal church for our worship services. Given that St. John’s worship in the morning, we worship at 3pm.

When we worship:                                      
Sundays at 3pm
Where we Worship:
*See note about DECEMBER 2019 above*
St. John’s Episcopal-Lutheran Church
202 West Grant Avenue, Williams AZ
(928) 651-9688

Come as you are! We invite everyone to come join us in our worship. At the moment, our core group consists of everyone of all ages (children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged, retired), and from several walks of life. We pray our doors are as welcoming as Christ’s arms.

Have kids? Great! You won’t be the only one with littles making *music* in the pews. In fact, we heartily believe it is good for children to be in the worship service with their parents. If you need to take your child out of the service, there is a fellowship hall and a nursery for your convenience.

In our worship service, we seek to honor God through Christ’s mediating work (Heb 10:19–25), wherein God accepts our confession of sin, our praises through song, and our prayers, and God enables us to hear his word read and preached for our salvation, joy, and growth in godliness.

After our worship service, we enjoy one another’s fellowship over a fellowship meal (around 4:00 or 4:30). Then, we conclude our time together with a bible study. We would love to get to know you over this meal, and in our Bible Study! Visitors do not need to bring any food to share—again, come as you are!