Who We Are

We are a “mission work” of Prescott Presbyterian Church in Prescott, AZ. Don’t get hung up on the language—to the naked eye, we look like a church! Essentially, we are working towards becoming an established church in our parent church’s denomination, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (see the “what we believe” tab on this website to learn more about our denomination).

Let’s get a little more personal. Our core group consists of people from all walks of life, and all ages. We’re a welcoming group! As for our leadership, here are short biographies of the leaders you will likely see on any given Sunday—

Peder Kling

In July of 2019, Prescott Presbyterian (again, our parent church) called Peder Kling to assist with our preaching and church planting efforts. Peder recently received his Master of Divinity from Bethlehem College and Seminary (Minneapolis, MN—the seminary most associated with John Piper, if that helps), and hopes to be ordained in the coming years. His desire is to tell people about Jesus, and help them grow in their ability to understand and walk in God’s manifold graces offered to us in Jesus. During his four years in seminary (and one year thereafter), he worked at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge—a Christian recovery center wherein Peder helped countless souls overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. He and his wife, Anna, have three children—William (4), Nathan (2), and Micah (born 11/2019). Together, they enjoy outdoor recreation, reading and learning, and rejoicing over Anna’s incredible gift of cooking and baking.

Pastor Charlie Perkins

Pastor Charlie Perkins is Pastor of Prescott Presbyterian Church in Prescott, AZ (our mother church). He joins us every other week in order to help with the Lord’s Table and Sunday school. You can read a little bit more about Pastor Charlie here.